Anonymous asked: you know onew isn't ''really'' handsome... i think he really has a unique face and also a very beautiful one. but you know i would call minho handsome and stuf.... not hating, i like onew, i just wanted to know your opinion.

i sat and looked at this for a good 5 minutes before answering. i needed to get my emotions in check so i didnt just respond with “WHO DA FUCK YOU THINK YOU IS? MY BOO IS THE BOOIEST BOO IN BOODOM!” ehem, anyway, im gonna analyze this message as my response.

inaccurate. what i KNOW is that he IS “really fucking amazingly epically” handsome to me.

yes. he does have a unique and beautiful face.

more for you.

hmmm… sounds like you are going on the defense here

you never asked for it. maybe instead you should have said “i would like to know your opinion on this matter” or just written “why do you think onew is more handsome than my oppa minho?” or just said “minho or onew” if you wanted my opinion. instead, you bashed my bias in the first sentence and then TOLD me who you would call handsome in his stead. sorry, but that gets my ire up. that is like coming to my house and telling me how i should decorate or how i should cook my meals. you may think im overreacting.. but how would you like it if someone did that to you? 

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  1. blacknoonajade said: *cackles herself to SLEEP with your response*
  2. sunrayyellowhalo said: You are my hero for this shit. You told this hating bish the real deal! *applause and tears of joy* Onew is the shit. In every way *sniffs* He is the man in my house all day every damn day! Bashing biases ain’t cool.
  3. moonlit-soliloquy said: Um who da fuq does that anon think they are? Do not diss the Dubu >:/. Tsk GTFO. Kudos for keepin it cool!
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